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Free School-aged Vision Screening 11/17/18 at Perry Optical

ABVINNY  hosted its first ever Free Vision Screening at Perry Optical Vision Center II. Thank you to Michelle Perry and Dr. Charles Metzler for hosting and performing the screenings. 

The day started out like many of our north country winter days with light covering of snow from the storm the day before. The tempature outside was in the 30’s, so here in our area, it was pleasantly a warmer day. Members from the Board of Directors of ABVINNY were in attendance to lend a hand. Throughout the morning we had about 40 people take advantage of the screening. How the screenings were performed were through a device called a Spot Vision Screener on loan by manufactuer Welch-Allyn. This is a completely un-invasive procedure where the subject can either sit or stand and just like a camera, the operator stands back and the screener takes over. It has an onscreen alert if the subject is to close or to far. From there it then captures an image of the subjects pupils. Once the image is captured, the Screener will provide the operator with the results of the test from: general prescription level, if needed, whether there are signs of a stigmatism. if further optical examination is required, or if everything appears normal and there is no need for further follow-up at this time.

ABVINNY plans on performing more vision screenings. These events will be open to the public. Stay tuned for more information!




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Our New Location

Our New Location

Many changes have taken place within the Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired since January 2017. We are moving forward and anticipating many new and exciting ventures. One of the first changes would be our move from the Prospect St. location to 131...

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